astrangal-georgian2Georgian bars

Georgian bars are a great addition to accomplish a traditional look. Located
inside the glazed unit they do not get dirty and require no cleaning.

Georgian Astragal bars

Positioned on the surface of the window frames astragal bars help achieve an  elegant traditional look enhancing the character of your window.

Leaded Windows

Leaded windows help retain the country character of the windows. Available in a
variety of designs it requires minimal maintenance to clean.

Internal blinds

Able integrate internal blinds they are a perfect solution to South facing
properties where they receive a lot of sunlight. Choose when to let the light in
with either Manuel or electric systems. Ask a member of staff for more details. 


Safety Glass
Laminated security glass offers burglary protection through active and passive security. The splinter-free glass with a non-tear able, tough and elastic foil between the panes provides protection from injuries.