“Opening up your home to better choices”

Our aluminium bi-folding doors scream, elegance, grace and style built and designed for the UK market they complement every type of home, enhancing all features. Made with ultra-thin sight lines our doors allow the maximum amount glass space letting more of the light shine through the property and making the outside feel more inside. Running smoothly with your floor line our expertly trained fitters will ensure that the doors can be built flush to achieve that modern elegant look.

Not only are these doors stylish, elegant and modern. But you can take it easy in the knowledge that with a maintenance-free aluminium frame that will not warp, rot or even need varnishing. With the unique free-glide running system that uses near frictionless, maintenance-free needle roller bearings encased in tough nylon makes all our aluminium doors a breeze to open.


Safe and secure Associated Glass ensure the security of your home is of the highest standard with our products, that is why we supply aluminium bi-folds that are built with an impressive 8 point locking system, making both the locks and the material a intruders nightmare. Additionally the doors come equip with finger safety gaskets protecting your young children from potentially serious situations. Make our products your own. 



With over 500 harmonious colours, ultra realistic wood effect finishes and even dual colour doors for that ultimate individual touch. You can rest assured that we have the perfect door for you.
Our aluminium doors come with a 20 year guarantee and when our expertly trained fitters install them for you, you also get our comprehensive 10 year backed guarantee so you are fully covered.

image-1Benefits of Aluminium Bi-fold Doors


Strong, light weight and versatile, aluminium bi-folds are able to cope with the enormous pressure of the heavy weight effortlessly


Being a strong material,  it makes it near enough impossible to ply the doors apart once locked, the framework of aluminium does not give no lee way making the doors safe for intrusion.


Aluminium has the benefit of slim sight lines aesthetically pleasing because of its slender profiles when it comes to bi-folds is a very crucial element. Designed with these features more glass space is accomplished and a more modern elegant look is achieved.


Our aluminium doors can be powdered coated to meet any RAL colour of your choice, even providing authentic looking wood grain finishes.