aluminium-windowAluminium windows are a perfect choice for a modern contemporary home. Built with slim sight lines they enhance the amount of glass space in a window allowing for minimal framing and more light.
Completely bespoke choose the type of window you want, with a range of colours including duel, and a selection of hardware to match.

We provide aluminium windows that excel in both style, performance and security, built with a polyimide thermal break the system comes with multi-chambered enhancing the windows performance making it a thermally efficient product.
Solid and secure, aluminium is one of the toughest materials out there and as far as security is concerned not also are they almost impenetrable but are built with multi-point locking ESPAG and shoot bolts, surpassing both British and European security Standards making it a nightmare for any intruder.

Benefits of Aluminium Windows



With the slim frames it makes the windows easily adaptable to a quantity of installations as well built with slim profiles it gives a modern look to your home improving the appearance and can add value to your home


The strength and durability of these windows are the strongest out of the three main material choices of windows (UPVC and timber), making it extremely difficult to penetrate through the frame or bend the sash to gain entry.


Unlike older versions of aluminium windows we supply and fit modern versions where the aluminium has had a thermal break increasing the thermal performance of the property and exceeding British and European standards


Very little effect is needed when maintaining aluminium, simply occasionally wiping down the windows with warm water and soap can have the windows revitalised like it was just installed.