Composite French Doors

September 10, 2018
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September 10, 2018 david

Composite French Doors are perfect for that grand entrance and Virtuoso can make them to suit any type of home!


  • Available in all of our composite door styles
  • Available in all of our standard colours
  • Available in our superior colours custom painted here at WB
  • Option to paint the flying mullion to match the door
  • Available opening in or opening out
  • Option of PVC or low aluminium threshold
  • For narrow French doors, side panels are available as well as off set French doors

Other Information

Technical Info

Energy Efficiency
The GRP Compsosite french doors have been thermally simulated in accordance with BSENISO 10077-2: 2003 and the following specifications using the large outerframe achieve ‘U’ values of 1.8 W/m²K or better
Weather Performance
All doors are tested to the latest British/European standards for air, water and gusting performance via BSI and BBA
Available Colours
Standard range of solid finishes- White, Blue, Black, Green and red
stain colours – oak and rosewood
Superior range of painted finishes – Anthracite Grey, Slate Grey, Plum, Cream, sage & ?

Custom painted colours available across our product range