ATLAS Lantern

Roof lantern has been priced in full aluminium, matt black outside and white inside, system used is from ATLAS this is the slimmest on the market with bar widths of 40mm. Glass spec that has been priced is solar controlled self cleaning glass, this comes in either a blue tint or clear. The blue tint will have a better solar gain factor as it has a tint it will reflect the sunlight away more than the clear. Size provided was 2000×1300

Eco Guard:spotlight-timber-ali

We have priced this flat roof system from our ECO GUARD range, this is to be a full flat system with grey external cappings and white internal finish as standard, glass spec used for these types of roof lights is solar controlled self cleaning glass with the option for a blue tint or neutral tint.

uPVC Sash Windows:

Sash windows have been priced from our ELEGANCE range and is to be fully ‘A’ rated and will have same glass spec as doors. All hardware on these windows to be in chrome, windows will slide up and down and have been priced with a tilt facility for ventilation and cleaning purpose. Decorative horn design has been applied for traditional look, we have also included chrome child restrictors which is good for extra security.

Timber Sashes:

We have quoted these windows in white hardwood timber, this is a sprayed finish with the equivalent of 12 hand coats of paint. Astragal bar design to be vertical to match existing styles. This is a full lead weighted system like the originals are. ‘A’ rated glass spec that includes soft coat glass, warm edge spacer bar and argon gas filled cavities. This company do not offer chrome hardware so i have selected stainless steel hardware which will include key lockable hardware and finger pulls