UPVC – KF 220

  • Standard triple glazing 48 mm for optimal energy efficiencyKF220s

  • Best thermal insulation Uw up to 0.74 W/m2K (with corresponding glazing) 

  • Soundproofing up to 43 dB (with corresponding glazing)

  • 71 mm construction depth

  • Narrow view width up to 98 mm

  • Triple gasket system

  • Frameless glass architecture – window can be rendered almost completely – on three sides.

  • Glass sash – no visible sash profile, therefore no difference in outside appearance between fixed and openable elements

  • Fix-O-Round Technology

  • Standard security features

  • Triple gasket system

Studio Architecture

Ideal for the individualist, Clear shapes and diminished appearance of studio windows fit perfectly with the architecture of your building. The large surfaceflush systems emphasize your living style and can be integrated completely into the brickwork – only the glass pane remains visible.

 Uk-en I-tec-glazing rdax 800x185 fix-oround