Combining ultra slim profiles together with a 47mm mullion and an entirely weathered 28mm up stand threshold. With modern handles fitted as standard.

The exclusive Glide-S gearing system lifts the sash to give natural opening and closing of up to 400 kilos per panel. This innovation and the inherent structural integrity of the aluminium system, means that it can easily span an aperture of 6.7m wide by 3.2m in height in just two panels.

The blend of slim aluminium sight-lines and the superb lift gearing means Dutemänn Glide-S will provide new architectural flexibility for a client who desires a patio door, delivering optimum glass area without the interruption of numerous mullions.

With masses of appeal in modern new build, high rise and roof-tops or more customary installations, glide can offer a highly innovative glazing resolution to a wide variety of projects.

With a 10-year guarantee and manufactured to Dutemänn’s exacting standards, Glide raises the inline sliding patio door to achieve new horizons.

Glide-S Technical

Dutemänn Glide-S represents cutting-edge innovation in fenestration technology. The Glide’s unique gearing allows the product the flexibility to span very large apertures without the need for multiple mullions, giving an unhindered view of a wonderful vista. Making the Glide-S a modern contemporary alternative to the bi-folding door.

Highly thermally efficient, able to achieve U-value as low as 1.3w/m2.K, with superb weather performance. Available in standard and non-standard RAL colours, Dutemänn Glide-S will redefine your expectations of patio doors.

Technical overview:

  • 47mm mullion, allows for maximum glass area.
  • Unique gearing system lifts sashes on the lifting of the door handle to deliver effortless opening and closing of panels of up to 400 kilos per panel.
  • Closed system rests over weather seals to provide exceptional weather tightness.
  • Low threshold incorporating concealed drainage ensuring excellent water evacuation.
  • Exceptional structural integrity gives the system huge flexibility. Capable of spanning an aperture of 6.7m wide by 3.2m in height in just two panels.
  • Thermally efficient featuring thermal-breaking zone and cross-linked polythene insulation.
  • Capable of accommodating a sealed unity of up to 55mm including triple-glazed option to achieve U-value as low as1.3w/m2.K
  • Mono, double, triple and pocket track options deliver flexible opening option to suit every application.
  • Multi-point locking and high security cylinders offered as standard.
  • 10-year guarantee.