Introducing OS-20

Boasting ultra-slim sightlines of just 20mm, the Origin Artisan Slider OS-20 is a structurally bonded system made from premium grade aluminium, which is able to accommodate incredibly large glass expanses, without compromising on security. It’s stunning in every way.

Ultra-slim sightlines, maximum light

Minimal and sleek in design, the Artisan Slider OS-20 has ultra-slim sightlines of just 20mm and, being made from premium grade aluminium, is able to accommodate panel sizes of up 2.2m wide and 3m tall (or 6m2 overall). This combination means less frame and more natural light and makes for a truly breathtaking spectacle.

Bonded system

When it comes to the design and engineering of premium aluminium fenestration products, we are the experts. As the Artisan Slider OS-20 comes as a bonded system, the glass and frame come as one unit. We have teamed up with internationally celebrated glass suppliers who have the same dedication to making technologically advanced glass solutions, so that together we can create a sliding door which is incredibly secure, thermally efficient and aesthetically stunning.

Industry leading guarantee

Every aspect of every Origin product goes through rigorous quality checks and testing before leaving us, which is why we are able to offer our industry leading guarantee of up to 20 years for all components that support the panes – the frames, gaskets, running gear, seals, locks and levers. The OS-20 panes themselves come with a 10 year guarantee.

Thermal efficiency

Creating a wall of light doesn’t have to mean increasing your heating bills. In fact, all of Origin’s doors are thermally broken, so the transfer of heat between the inside and the outside is significantly limited, delivering a space that’s cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and can be enjoyed all year round.

Low-emissivity glass (low e-coating) is used in the Artisan Slider OS-20. This invisible coating reflects heat back into the room, further improving energy efficiency. No matter which configuration is chosen, the Artisan Slider OS-20 exceeds British Building Regulationrequirements for thermal efficiency, as it has been engineered with an optimised weather rating, achieving a U-Value of 1.4.

Strong and secure

The premium low-e toughened glass is not only thermally efficient but incredibly tough to break. Whether you choose a two door or a six door set, each Artisan Slider OS-20 is equipped with a minimum six points of locking, providing a multi-point securitysystem which locks solidly into either theadjacent door or jamb. With no lock onthe outside for would-be intruders to pick,the Artisan Slider OS-20 delivers stunninglooks and great peace of mind.

Make it your way

Available in everything from a two door to a six door set, the Artisan Slider OS-20 accommodates panes from 1.1m to 13.2m, and every last detail is bespoke and manufactured to suit your practical and aesthetic requirements. Some doors will slide and some will be a combination of fixed and sliding, which can be decided by the layout of your space – if there’s something in the way on the right or if it’s easier to enter your garden from the left, the doors will be configured to suit.

Overall size



Handle style and colour

Handle options

Available in four attractive colours, every Artisan Slider OS-20 is fitted with a streamlined lever handle which not only looks good but is hard-wearing. It’s also simple to use, and with one flip makes your space secure.

Over 150 RAL colours

No matter what look you’re going for, with over 150 RAL colours to choose from, we will undoubtedly have the colour to suit your home. Due to the huge expanses of glass delivered by the Artisan OS-20, many people opt to go with a darker colour for the frames to highlight and break up the space. The most popular colours are Anthracite Grey 7016M and Jet Black 9005M. With some of the slimmest sightlines in the industry and incredible levels of craftsmanship, we think a four week lead time is well worth the wait.

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Door Types

An Origin Door is a completely bespoke product, tailored to your size, colour scheme, finish and accessory requirements. Origin are proud to present our range of Bi-fold, Sliding, Corner, French, Single and Front Doors.


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