UPVC French Doors

Enjoy the traditional elegance that French doors will bring to your home. At Associated Glass our UPVC French doors are suitable for use as a porch entrance as well as to provide convenient access to your garden or patio area.
With low thresholds and slim sight lines our UPVC doors are an elegant choice for home improvements. They are robust and secure, with a multi-point locking and shoot-bolt security meaning possessions and well-being is kept safe from danger.
UPVC French doors are a cost effective choice and with high thermal performance, they continue to save you money on heating bills.
Choose from a variety of colours from high gloss UPVC finishes to wood grain effects, and design your doors just the way you want.

Aluminium French Doors

Our aluminium French doors are a beautiful, secure and slimline, providing that important link between your home and your garden.
At Associated Glass we off today’s modern, ultra sleek and highly secure aluminium French doors. Made to measure we can provide designs, hundreds of colours and are compatible with other windows and bi-folding systems that we install.
Like all products we only deal with high quality products and our aluminium doors are thermally broken meaning that the cold cannot bridge the gap. On top of that as standard we add A rated glass to ensure that the performance of the products are well above standard.
Securities on these doors are at the highest of standards with multi-point locking and safety glass as standard to comply with UK regulations.

“Modern and elegant aluminium French doors are an attractive addition to your home and helps bring two areas together.”

Contact a member of staff for French door options on your project.