Letting light in…..
…..keeping the elements out

Lonsdale aluminium patent glazing and rooflight (skylight) systems
from Associated Glass are well known in the trade for their exquisite
style, quality and functionality.

“Roof glazing to enhance any

Whilst Lonsdale rooflights (skylights) are famously featured on some
of the UK’s most historic and important buildings. They can also be
seen on literally thousands of households throughout the country.

Lonsdale rooflights (skylights) to your home will
not only enhance your living pleasure but will
add style and value to your home. Other
Lonsdale customers include “The Royal Family”,
“Prime Minister” and the current “US
Ambassador” accompanied by “Jasper Conran”
and “James Dyson” to mention a few. Don’t
however let this list of names scare you,
Associated Glass pride themselves on providing
Lonsdale’s top quality rooflights (skylights) to suit
any home and budget.

“Designed to last at least
40 years with virtually no

Helping you with design and technical advice is
all part of the Associated Glass service. Our
experienced, helpful staff are only too willing to
aid you in every way possible. Ensuring you
choose the best solution for your home.

Expert Installers will also ensure your new
custom made Lonsdale rooflights (skylights) are
safe, secure and weather proof. Giving you
many many years of excellent trouble free

“Market Leading commercial rooflights now
available for your home”

Aluminium patent glazing systems are tried and tested,
many Lonsdale rooflights (skylights) that were installed
40-50 years ago are still functioning and secure. With a
manufacturers recommended 40 year design life,
accompanied by the Associated Glass 10 year
insurance backed guarantee. You can by happy in the
knowledge that your new Lonsdale rooflight (skylight)
will be around for a very long time.

“Let nature light up your life”

Adding rooflights (skylights) to your home not only adds that much welcomed natural light into your
home , it also helps the environment.

Incorporating an Associated Glass expertly designed and installed Lonsdale rooflight (skylight) into your
home will cut your energy costs and also reduce C02 emissions.