Smarts alitherm 47 is a prominent aluminium window for the household market, it is a solid, tough thermally broken window designed by Smart systems. Alitherm 47 double glazing is now the go to product for high end builders. One of the reasons for this is the powder covered aluminium which has a sharp look which is slimmer than the more regular PVC double glazing.

Alitherm 47 thermally efficient double glazing

Reduced heating and cooling expenses because of the alitherm 47 thermally efficient utilisation of Smart Systems polymide thermal break. The thermal break gives a thermally effective break between the outside aluminium and inside aluminium. This decreases the likelihood of condensation and aides in the lessening of heating and cooling bills.

Thin sight-lines in aluminium windows

Smart Systems Alitherm 47 double glazed windows have thin sight-lines dissimilar to the pvc double glazing. Alitherm 47 has a suite of outer frame and opening vent choices. These can be externally or internally beaded. The pvc double glazing has been constrained into internally beaded windows in light of poor security which forced the industry to enlarge the frames. Alitherm 47 windows can be externally beaded without comprimising the protection the window offers. The Alitherm 47 double glazed window is exquisite, has thin sight-lines and with the utilisation of the considerable number of colours accessible within the RAL colour system makes it a very good system.

Alitherm range of double glazed windows

Alitherm range of double glazed windows and doors are a quality system which offers superior comfort by having fantastic “U” values when glazed with the correct glazing. The windows are thin and look sharp making them extremely pleasing to the eye. These double glazed windows are secure and a great investment for any property. Given the thin appearance of the frame and opening vent the alitherm 47 window permits you to design the opening style of your choice.