Rationel Forma & Formaplus

Today, older and classic homes can be refurbished to enhance the benefits of energy economical windows. Our FORMA range consists of all-timber windows with slim, non-continuous bars. The FORMAPLUS range is comparable to the FORMA range, created with an identical solid timber construction. The sole distinction is that FORMAPLUS is provided with external aluminium cladding attached with clips, making certain of minimum maintenance. This product range is also ideal for new builds if a classic expression is desired.


FORMA and FORMAPLUS are available both with and without glazing bars. o fit in with your style, we’ve a range of various glazing bars. Terrace and entrance doors with glazing and wood infill panels also are a part of the range. They’re simple to join in multiples and thus appropriate for complex window solutions.

Product detail

Can be supplied with trickle vents.

Interior sculptured window frame.

Adjustable hinges – keeps the windows tight.