Rationel Aura & Rationel Auraplus

For magnificent architectural elegance and energy efficiency look no further than AURA and AURAPLUS triple-glazed windows and doors. Their sleek, minimalist style and excellent optical clarity is right for making extensive glazed areas that allow in the utmost natural daylight for a pleasant modern living environment.


With its high performance triple-glazing, AURA and AURAPLUS can easily achieve Passive House standard of energy efficiency, dramatically reducing your CO2 emissions and energy bills.


The AURA range is built from solid timber giving all the beautty of a natural wood finish. AURAPLUS timber composite windows have sturdy aluminium cladding, that provides further protection against the harshest of weather conditions and needs zero maintenance.


Both AURA and AURAPLUS ranges provide a large variety of completely different designs, colors and extra glazing choices to fit your project.

Energy Efficient Triple Glazing

AURA and AURAPLUS are in the forefront of contemporary energy-optimised windows and doors.


With high performance 52mm triple-glazing provided as normal, AURA and AURAPLUS windows accomplish U values as low as zero.79, that is perfect for low energy buildings and Passive House construction.


All triple-glazed units are created with with argon gas insulation between the panes and a heat edge spacer or ‘thermal break’, that reduces heat loss around the perimeter of the window.


In fact, our energy-optimised glazing will let in additional free solar heat than is lost through the window, that considerably reduces the energy consumption needed to heat your home throughout the winter.


With AURA and AURAPLUS you’ll be able enjoy a more comfortable living area with no drafts or cold spots.


All Rationel glazing been approved according to the EN 1279.

Unique Product Details

AURA and AURAPLUS come with a range of fashionable hardware, fittings and security ironmongery to ensure that your new triple-glazed windows work with efficiency and style.


For increased security, there are several locking points around the frame. AURA and AURAPLUS windows and doors are secured with bolstered fittings as normal and espagnolettes with 3 locking points.

Fully adjustable ironmongery

Security ironmongery and option of glazing bar (31 mm)

trickle vent

Option of trickle vent