30% of a home/flat energy is lost through poorly insulated windows and doors! Figures like this are hard to hear when the cost of energy bills are rising and hope of them drooping is slim. However long term solutions to saving money on your homes/flat could be as simple as upgrading triple glazing windows.

triple-glazing5Amongst the speculation of triple glazing being irrelevant let us highlight the key benefits of triple glazing and why the future of windows is moving in this direction. Firstly we look at a brief importance of better preforming windows and current UK regulations. During the last few decades the window industry has progressively improved the performance levels of windows through means of better glazing and improved insulation within the frames. These have been mainly due to the regulatory changes within the industry for minimal performance results which are calculated with U value measurements.

Previously single glazed units achieved a U value of 5U whilst double glazing provided a U value of 3U; now standard UK regulations state that the U value of the window would be no higher than 1.6U.

A performance level of 1.6U may look good when shopping for windows but when we compare the UK regulation for the demanding U value of the walls (0.3U) you see that in your home’s windows are a big weak spot for thermal efficiency!

Triple Glazing 

Installing triple glazing windows increases the thermal performance, Solar gain, and most importantly the comfort level within your home. Presuming your home is well insulated and you ignore the glazing side, you home can develop cold spots surrounding the windows; this causes drafts and draw heat away from objects causing an condensations effect on the window panes. So as standard your windows should be at a relative performance to the rest of the insulation of the house or better.

How does it work?

By adding an extra insulated glass between the outside skin and the inside skin, the unit increases the thermal insulation of the window substantially. A metal coating is applied to the glass surface, as well the use of noble gases such as argon and krypton. These noble gases have a considerable lower thermal conductivity than air and therefore additionally reduce the heat lose towards the outside. The difference in thermal insulation values technically know as teh Ug value are the result of special coatings and noble gases.

Additional benefits of triple glazing

Adding to the many benefits of triple glazing the addition of better sound insulation is also achieved when you switch from double glazing to triple. Further information can be found here.