The KAT Triple Track Patio door is the newest addition to our door range and allows three sashes to slide in one direction, opening up two thirds of an opening and allowing simple access to the world outside.


It’s a brilliant alternative to a bi-folding door for significant openings, both in houses and luxury apartments.


This patio door features slim sight-lines but is extremely secure and when coupled with low emissivity glazing, these thermally enhanced doors accomplish extremely acceptable U values.


Inline sliders are ideal for applications where it is advantageous not to open in or out of a room and they offer a far larger glass area than a set of French double doors.

Key Features of Aluminium Triple Track Patio Doors

  • All sashes can slide and stack behind each other
  • Doors can be opened from either end
  • Very secure system and doors are very easy to glide open
  • Slim aluminium sections means more glass and more light
  • Option of 2, 3,4, 5 and 6 panel openings
  • Choose from 5 single colours or 2 dual colours
  • 25 year marine grade paint guarantee option.

This ultra-high specification triple track patio door comes with an extended 10 year warranty on all components as well as a 25 year KAT paint guarantee on the exclusive ‘Marine Grade’ finish. The KAT triple track patio door is a brilliant addition to our door range.


These doors are designed to permit multiple sashes to slide in one direction, opening up practically two thirds of an opening, allowing simple access to the outside world. It’s a user-friendly alternative to bifolding doors in large openings and is occasionally chosen because it can be perceived to be safer for ‘little fingers’. Like a number of our door options, the triple track patio door is packed with features, exuding contemporary design and is engineered for lasting performance.


The strength of Aluminium allows Patio doors to be manufactured with slim sight-lines, resulting in a higher percentage of glass allowing additional natural light into your home. This material offers the widest possible selection of any material for colour options. We offer a 10 year warranty on standard paint or 25 years warranty on Marine Grade paint, perfect for coastal locations.


The bespoke gearing and rollers mean even sizeable sashes glide effortlessly open and they are presently the highest performing doors in UK tests against wind, water and air pressure (severe weather tested to BS 6375/1:2009), just like the KAT aluminium bifolding doors.


The patio door handles we offer are luxury products, designed by the KAT team and crafted from Stainless Steel. They are genuinely exclusive and we know that only stainless steel handles can be guaranteed for 10 years.


Please reflect on your choice of ancillary hardware prudently because that is what you will eventually notice the most when your doors are installed. Please look over the finishes on the handles we offer as it is attention to detail that helps make this distinctive product range so exciting.

Safety & Security

The triple track patio doors we offer are designed to discourage even the most undaunted intruder, thanks to the high security locking systems.


They have integrated anti-lift systems so they can’t be lifted off the track from the outside whilst in the locked position but remain light as a feather to operate.

Colour Options

KAT Sliding Patio Doors are available in a choice of 5 single colours and 2 dual colours, to match our range of doors and windows, namely:


Single Colours:

  • 9910 Hipca White High Gloss
  • 7016 Anthracite Grey Matt
  • 9005 Black Matt
  • 7035 Light Grey Semi-gloss
  • 9001 Cream Matt


Dual Colours:

  • 9005 Black matt outside / 9910 Hipca White High Gloss inside
  • 7016 Anthracite Grey Matt outside / Hipca White High Gloss inside


Call into our Showroom and and we can show you a colour chart demonstrating each of the RAL colours available.