The open extention
for today’s lifestyle

Glazed verandas create a unique outdoor living
space which can be used in any weather without
spoiling the occasion or atmosphere.

“Designed for living”

Harmonising modern day architecture with nature to help make your
garden one of the best rooms in your house and loved by all the family

Create that perfect transition space, a glazed veranda blurs where your home ends and your garden begins.
Enlarge your home without the hassle and expense of actually extending your home, Verandas can be lit and
heated to really create an room that can be used all year round. And yes its outdoors!

“Magical open spaces
filled with light and

Extent your socialising outside your home. Now that
football party can be planned at any time of the year.
Bring the TV outside without the worry of it getting
damaged by the elements.

We offer a complete service from feasibility through to
design, manufacture and installation.

“Stunningly simple or beautifully bespoke,
the choice is yours…”