Warm, Quite & Secure
Platinum NRG uPVC
windows are built to last
and weather any storm.

For over 20 years Platinum NRG windows and doors
have not stood still, being continually developed and
enhanced to ensure you get the highest quality windows
for your money.

“An ideal match for both modern and
traditional homes”

Not budget, just great great value and an
ideal match for both modern and traditional

Window styles include standard casements
with a huge number of options to add fixed
lights, opening sashes or dummy sashes.
These give windows a lovely streamlined
appearance outside. With the Bow and bay
combinations allowing you to replace a
traditional frontage, or add a special feature
to a modern home which can also
dramatically improve the available light and
internal space.

By adding Georgian bars and decorative
glass, or even curved arches, you can
achieve the perfect match to the style of your
property, whether its ten years old or two


The latest incarnation of uPVC windows definitely breaks traditional perceptions by providing a wide
range of styles, colours and glass. Complemented by top quality hardware from Laird, the UK’s premier
window and door furniture brand. The quality of the fitted components is at the leading edge in terms of
looks, durability of construction and technical design features. The attention to the detail Platinum NRG
offers is impeccable with matching stainless security hardware throughout the range.


“Caring, professional installers bring you the very
best products on the market today”

Safe As Houses

The Platinum NRG Range doesn’t just look great. It gives you peace of mind by using high-quality
security hardware to keep your home safe. Containing hidden steel reinforcement, and tested to meet the exacting BS7950 standard. They feature
six point locking & twin bi-directional cams, which prevent jemmying, and optional hinge guards to
ensure both sides of the window are equally protected from attack.

“Beautiful Peace of Mind”

Optional shootbolt locking engages into strong metal keeps to prevent the
window being forced outward and allows you to rest safe in the knowledge that
your home is well protected and far more secure than with older style locking
and handle gear.

Our caring, professional installers bring you the very best products on the market
today, carefully designed and installed to match the character of your home.